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 IDP  2013/2014
 Strategic Planning 2012 - 2015
 & 2015 - 2016

Welcome to the Greater Giyani Municipality Website

The Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000 requires all municipalities to develop 5 year Integrated Development plans and review them annually. Greater Giyani has developed the IDP within an approved IDP process plan and engaged in a consultation process to ensure that communities become part of the planning and decision making processes.

The Municipality engaged in a strategic planning session, where a SWOT analysis was established and strategic objectives were developed. The process was followed by these development of projects emanating from the needs and challenges identified in the strategic planning session and IDP public participation

We are committed to providing quality infrastructure for the province and creating work opportunities through our programmes.   Read more...

Inspection of a Supplementary Valuation Roll and Lodging of Objections
Application for Employment Form
Full Council Meeting
Adoption of the final IDP and Budget 2013/14
IDP/Budget framework and process 2013 for review of IDP/Budget 2014/2015
Adoption of Draft IDP & Budget 2014/15 comments on Draft LED Strategy & SDF
Inspection of general valuation roll for 2013 - 2017
Registration of Suppliers on Municipality Database
Inspection of the Supplementary Valuation Roll 2012/201

Giyani municipality will, for the first time in more than twenty years, have a land for demarcation of residential sites after Hosi Ngove the fifth signed an agreement with the municipality to release part of his land for development.

This comes after years of negotiation between Hosi Ngove and the municipality to release portion of land that is close to Giyani CBD so it could be used for development purposes that would bring about malls and other development.   Read more...

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